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About Steve's Games

Hi, my name is Steve. Welcome to my games site! I am an indie game developer and this site is my part-time after hours project. My goal for this site is to make unique, quirky and unexpected indie games and to continue to learn and push myself as a game creator and to hopefully make this site my full-time way of life.

Your games are buggy!

Yes, I know, I have limited test hardware, limited time and cannot test every scenario on my own, but that's where you can help! Send an email to steve@stevesgames.com with the following detail:

  • Email subject should be "Bug found in {Game Name}" (ex. Bug found in Random Maze Game)
  • A detailed description of the bug and how to reproduce it.
  • A screenshot if possible.

Your time and help is greatly appreciated!

Feedback and Questions

Please send all inquiries to steve@stevesgames.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

I'd like to help with the development of more games

I really appreaciate that! Currently, the best way to help would be to tell your friends and family about this site and ask them to try out my games. I have not set up a backer service yet, but check back soon, if I see enough interest in this idea i'll set one up.

Why do you have ads?

I wish I did not have to, unfortunately this is the only option I can use at this time that allows the site to more or less pay for itself. I do not like the way monetization works on the web and I do not endorse any of the products that show up in the ads.

What game engine do you use?

I created a game engine called SGEngine (SG = StevesGames) for all games on this site. I depend on the basic browser implementations of HTML, CSS, Javascript and WebAssembly (ECMA, Mozilla, Apple, Google) and bring in Typescript and C# via Blazor/Mono (Microsoft) for the game logic. I also use NPM, Gulp and Browserify for bundling/packaging. Everything else is created from scratch, even down to the font you are reading this site in right now.

Where did you get your Art and Music?

Starlight Ride: Art by: Locket of Lemons (Youtube) Music by: Funk Reaper (Youtube) all other games and content on this site was created by me. I very much look forward to continue collaborating with others.

Related Site Links and Social Media

Youtube: @stevesgames

Twitter: @stevesgamescom