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About Steve's Games

Hi, my name is Steve. Welcome to my games site! I am an indie game developer and this site is my solo part-time project. My goal for this site is to make unique, quirky and unexpected indie games and to continue to learn and push myself as a game creator.

Your games are buggy!

Yes, I know, I have limited test hardware, limited time and cannot test every scenario on my own, but that's where you can help! Send an email to steve@stevesgames.com with the following detail:

  • Email subject should be "Bug found in {Game Name}" (ex. Bug found in Random Maze Game)
  • A detailed description of the bug and how to reproduce it.
  • A screenshot if possible.

Your time and help is greatly appreciated!

Feedback and Questions

Please send all inquiries to steve@stevesgames.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

I'd like to help with the development of more games

I really appreaciate that! Currently, the best way to help would be to tell your friends and family about this site and ask them to try out my games. I have not set up a backer service yet, but check back soon, if I see enough interest in this idea i'll set one up.

Why do you have ads?

I wish I did not have to, unfortunately this is the only option I can use at this time that allows the site to more or less pay for itself. I do not like the way monetization works on the web and I do not endorse any of the products that show up in the ads.

What game engine do you use?

I created a game engine called SGEngine (SG = StevesGames) for all games on this site. I depend on the basic browser implementations of HTML, CSS, Javascript and WebAssembly (ECMA, Mozilla, Apple, Google) and bring in Typescript and C# via Blazor/Mono (Microsoft) for the game logic. I also use NPM, Gulp and Browserify for bundling/packaging. Everything else is created from scratch, even down to the font you are reading this site in right now.

Where did you get your Art and Music?

At the time of writing this, all content on this site was created by me (steve). So far this has been a solo project, but I very much look forward to collaborating with others as I get further along in this project.

Related Site Links and Social Media

Youtube: @stevesgames

Twitter: @stevesgamescom